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VesselView is a multifunction display (MFD) that is compatible with products manufactured by Mercury Marine Outboards, MerCruiser and Mercury Diesel. In addition, the VesselView software can be installed on compatible display devices from Lowrance® and Simrad®. 

VesselView is a comprehensive boat information center that can display information for up to 4 gasoline or diesel engines. It continuously monitors and reports operating data including detailed information such as water temperature and depth, trim status, boat speed and steering angle, and the status of fuel, oil, water, and waste tanks. VesselView can be fully integrated with a vessel’s global positioning system (GPS) or other NMEA‑compatible devices to provide up‑to‑the‑minute navigation, speed, and fuel‑to‑destination information. VesselView is a display extension for autopilot and joystick operations. All functionality of these piloting features are controlled through Mercury Marine's autopilot control area network (CAN) pad. VesselView will show if a mode of control is active or in standby; pop‑ups will appear as the vessel arrives at waypoints, prompting response to turns. Additional display text can be used to adjust the engines and drives to achieve maximum efficiency. 

VesselView is equipped with a micro SD card port that allows the import or export of the vessel personality configuration. It can also be used by the owner to upgrade to the latest software version. When more than one VesselView is used, either as a triple‑engine or quad‑engine application, or a second helm, the same micro SD card can be used to download those configurations to each unit.

VesselView continues to evolve as the next generation full color displays with an enhanced full sunlight viewable vessel information center encompassing data from the vessel, navigation and engines. There are numerous NMEA 2000 input options in addition to the fully integrated Mercury Marine SmartCraft digital information and control features. Regardless of the application, we have a display solution available: VesselView4, VesselView502, VesselView702, VesselView 703, VesselView 903, VesselView Link or VesselView Mobile.

You can also find the very latest Vesselview 4's and VesselView 502, 702, 703 and 903 touch screens here for sale at discounted prices.
Below is a chart to help you decide which VesselView product is best for you. Check to see if your engine is Smartcraft compatible to use VesselView here.
VesselView Unit Features 403 502 702 703 903
Maximum number of engines displayed: 2 4 4 4 4
Touchscreen? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chartplotter? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal GPS? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal WiFi? Yes 1 Yes No 2 Yes Yes
Software updates? WiFi/USB WiFi/Micro SD WiFi/Micro SD WiFi/Micro SD WiFi/Micro SD
SmartCraft Features 403 502 702 703 903
Advanced Hooks for Joystick Piloting No Available Available Available Available
Active Trim control (additional equipment required) Yes 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Tow Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Troll control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sport Exhaust Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

1. USB WiFi needed - included in VesselView 403 kit.

2. WiFi module needed - included in the VesselView 702 kit.

3. VesselView 403 can control the Active Trim feature but GPS SOG must be sourced through NMEA 2000 or CAN-P

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Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0129543 VesselView 903 Single Engine Kit

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Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0129544 VesselView 903 Display Only Base Kit

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Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0129545 VesselView 903 Multi Engine Kit

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Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0133439 Sun Cover VesselView 903

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Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0124495 VesselView 703 Single Engine Kit

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Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0124496 VesselView 703 Multi Engine Display Kit

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