Anodes & Corrosion

Sacrificial anodes...often referred to as zincs

Gearcases are exposed to electrochemical activity, which results in galvanic corrosion of the housings. Sacrificial anodes counteract galvanic corrosion by adding a third metal into the circuit, one that is quicker than the other two to give up its electrons! Anodes are chemically more active than aluminum housings, therefore sacrificing themselves to protect housings. Protect your Mercury Outboard, Mercruiser sterndrive, gearcase, lower unit, trim tabs, power trim, anything Mercruiser or Mercury with anodes or MerCathodes. Protect your investment!

Not all ZINCS are Zinc! 

Aluminum andoes are for use in saltwater or freshwater. Aluminum anodes provide better protection and last longer than zinc andoes. Zinc anodes must be produced in virtually sterile conditions to avoid contamination, which eliminates all of zinc's sacrificial properties.  

Magnesium anodes are for fresh water only. Zinc is not recommended for fresh water. Zinc anodes especially in fresh water, tend to develop a dense oxide film (usually charcoal gray in color) that protects the anode thus preventing in from protecting your aluminum housings. 

Choose from Quicksilver or Mercury branded anodes and mercathodes for your drive, engine, prop, gimbal, etc. below. Order online for discounted pricing!

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