V12 600 HP Verado Outboard Unveiled


Mercury Marine is proud to announce the revolutionary new V12 Verado with an impressive 600 horsepower! The 7.6L Verado Outboard is the most powerfule and most advanced outboard on the market.

Mercury Marine has implemented game changers like the steerable gearcase and 2 speed automatic transmission for the ultimate outboard driving experience.  Read more about the V12 Verado here

Watch the complete video unveiling this beast here! 


What are Link Gauges?

Smartcraft Link Gauge SC100 4 in 1 gauge 12V Link Gauge SMARTCRAFT WATER PRESSURE LINK GAUGE 52 MM


Mercury Marine often refers to "Link Gauges", "System Link Gauges" or "SC100 System Link Gauges". What does this mean?

These are the small 85 mm (3 3/8") OR 52 mm (2 1/8") SmartCraft gauges such as water temperature, oil temperature, trim, oil level, etc. SmartCraft Link Gauges are basically any gauge besides the tachometer or speedometer.

The SC100 Link gauges allow you to monitor vital engine and boat functions digitally. These are commonly referred to being "daisy chained" between other SmartCraft products using plug-in connections. The SC100 gauges can be connected to a MercMonitro, System Monitor or a SC1000 System Tachometer.

The SC100 System Link gauges come with plastic faces and interface with analog gauges to let you track your vital engine and boat functions digitally. 

If you're thinking of upgrading your displays in your boat and want to get a VesselView then you will need to check to see if the kit you're ordering includes a VesselView Link to talk to your Link gauges.


Where is my serial number?

One of the most commonly asked questions is "where can I find my serial number?". Well that depends. 

If you have a Mercruiser sterndrive or inboard engine, most likely it will be on a little tag on the block near the starter. It's not the easiest to locate! Sometimes it is down by the starter on the engine block. Sometimes it's near the flywheel. Sometimes it's on the flame arrestor. All I can tell you is once you find it, save that number somewhere safe! Then bookmark the page on our site after you input your serial number into our parts lookup by serial number so you can easily go to your parts diagrams. 

If you have a Mercury outboard engine it's not such a big deal. 

Now if you need your drive serial number that's usually pretty easy depending on the year the drive was made. Usually it's stamped on a sticker on the top side of the drive. 

Quicksilver vs Mercury What's the Dif?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, what's the difference between Quicksilver and Mercury? In a nutshell, nothing.


Quicksilver has been around since 1950. Consumers consider it one of the most trusted brands in the markets we serve. Quicksilver has earned a loyal following by providing the highest quality products for more than 60 years. Quicksilver is the premier supplier of Mercury Marine Original Equipment replacement parts and accessories. The two brands share the same DNA, and same brand promise. Quicksilver snowmobile oil The main difference between the two brands is where they are sold and the larger breadth of products available under the Quicksilver brand. Mercury products are sold only by Mercury Marine dealerships. Quicksilver products are available in retail stores, independent marine dealerships, powersports dealerships and local convenience stores – just about everywhere marine and powersports parts, accessories and engine care products are found. Quicksilver offers 40,000+ parts across 12 product lines, and their products can be found throughout the world.
According to Mercury Marine, n€o aftermarket company comes close to the level of research and design as Quicksilver products. And no other company tests their products like Quicksilver, either. Literally, millions of hours have been spent on fired-engine testing and analysis. Quality and integrity are paramount. Buying Quicksilver Gear Lube for SaleQuicksilver is buying performance, protection, and peace of mind.  
So, it comes down to a matter of personal preference, availability and price for the consumer. We carry both products on our site at discounted prices. 



New Mercury 225 HP V6 FourStroke Outboard Delivers

Mercury Unveils New 175, 200 & 225 HP V6 FourStroke Outboard Motors 

225 HP V6 Fourstroke Black BAM Marine was one of the lucky dealers to be invited to the preview and product training session on Mercury's unveiling of the new 175, 200 and 225 HP fourstroke V6 outboard motor held on February 14th, at the Doubletree Biscayne hotel in Miami.   225 fourstroke custom accent panels

So many cool things about this motor...where do we start? Well first of all it's a V6 AND a fourstroke.

Can you say QUIET? We saw the engine in the water on a demo boat and couldn't believe it was running. According to Mercury Marine, the 200 HP FourStroke is 15-30% quieter with 50% less vibration than the leading fourstroke competitor. We saw it firsthand.

LIGHT. Wow. The 225 HP V6 is 60 pounds lighter than the competition! 

Fuel EFFICIENT. Superior fuel economy to save you money. Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) automatically adjusts fuel delivery to improve your cruise speed fuel efficiency. 12-16% better cruising fuel economy than the leading competitor. 

INNOVATIVE features.

  • Adaptive Speed Control. Let's you maintain a desired rpm regardless of changes in load, condition (such as tow sports, rough conditions, etc.) turns, etc. No need to constantly adjust throttle. This is a first in the outboard industry.
  • Idle Charge Battery Management. Alternator output is authomatically increased to recharge low batteries to proper level. Great for those long days of trolling. Mercury's high capacity, high-power alternator delivers 20 amps at idle and 85 amps total at wide open throttle. 

DESIGN. Well thought out. Mercury took into consideration all of the feedback they have acquired from outboard owners over the years. Finally, someone designed the outboard so you don't have to remove the entire cowling just to check your oil! Simply lift up the top cowl service door and voila!...oil check. They also added a really cool option of enabling the owner to customize their engines. You can purchase fatory-painted accent panels or customize yourself. 


  • Maintenance-free valve-train: No valve-clearance adjustment is required for the life of the engine. 
  • Easy access with the top cowl service door with a conveniently located graphic hour-based maintenance decal. 

These engines were designed to be powerful, light, compact and fuel-efficient – truly precision engineered from skeg to cowl. Mercury really had the repower consumer in mind when designing these to fit the 26 inch mounting centers commonly found on older boats. 

Call us or email us for pricing and availability.  



Some Racing Props Soon No Longer Available

Mercury Racing Propeller Numbers to be Discontinued

Mercury Racing has released a list of racing propeller part numbers that will soon be NLA (no longer available). 

Mercury Racing has introduced several new propeller models that have seen unprecedented demand such as the new Bravo One derivatives, the Revolution 4 XPMAX 5 and CNC Cleaver props. In order to keep up with demand they must eliminate part numbers and propeller families where demand has declined due to product changes in the marketplace and/or migration to other propeller models. 

The props that will not be made anymore are here. They will stop production of these racing propellers on December 15th, 2017. If you would like to order any of these props, please order before December 8th to ensure you get the prop you need. Shop for propellers at discounted prices here.


My Part Number Doesn't Match My Mercury Part

Why Doesn’t the Mercury Part Number Match? 


We constantly get calls from our customers asking to order a part using a number stamped on the actual item. We also receive calls from people who are confused because the number on the Mercury part is different from the part number they received after they ordered from our site.

So read on as we explain why the number on the part isn’t the same as the number used to order the part.

Pretend we are working in a manufacturing facility and are putting together a switch. In this example there are 3 components that go together to make one final piece. The final part number is going to be 123456A1.

There is some wire, an outer plastic piece and a clip. The outer plastic piece has a number stamped on it: 123456. The other 2 pieces don’t have any numbers on them at all. You assemble these pieces and create your switch. You then send it over to be packaged. The packaging department has more “pieces” to go with the assembled component. Maybe they add an instruction sheet, a plastic bag and put it in a box. They then put a final part number on the box: 123456A1. So in this case the manufacturer is providing to you, its customer; a complete assembled switch in a box with instructions.  So, when you pull out your old part and it is stamped 123456, it’s not going to match the number used to place the order. It may be similar – but it is not the actual complete number used to order the part.

The best way to order parts is by using the serial number from your engine, drive, etc. Mercury frequently changes (supersedes) part numbers in their system, so the old number you ordered may not be available anymore.  Many of the new part numbers include changes and improvements so your new replacement part may not look like the old one. It may also require a slight modification to how you install it. If included be sure to read the enclosed instructions!  

We've made it as easy as possible for you with our serial number lookup! Just input your number and click on your engine, drive, etc. and you'll have a complete diagram of the correct parts so you don't waste money guessing. 

As always, we are here for our customers via email or by phone. 

Outboard Engine Free Warranty Special

Mercury 40HP FourstrokeSix years of Mercury-backed limited warranty for free! 

Purchase one of these portable Mercury fourstroke outboards below before August 31st, 2017 and you will receive a free 3 years of Mercury's Gold Product Protection plan added to the standard 3 year warranty*!  This program is only available through an authorized Mercury Marine dealer (that's us!)

Here are the eligible models:

15 - 25 hp fourstroke outboards including the 15 hp ProKicker. ProKicker has a deeper gearcase and a flour-blade, hight-thrust propeller with matching gear ratio perfect for trolling. Heavy duty skeg. 

8 - 9.9 hp fourstroke outboards including the 9.9 hp ProKicker and Command Thrust 

4 - 6 hp fourstroke outboards including the 5 hp SailPower - Great for Power Tenders and Skiffs. Only 57 lbs. dry weight. Can be connected to remote fuel tank placed in your boat. Through-prop exhaust exits underwater for quiet operation.

2.5 - 3.5 hp (1 cylinder) outboards - Mercury's lightest model at 38 lbs. dry weight. Quiet, neutral-forward shifting and 360 degree steering for full thrust in all directions. Perfect for your dinghy! 

For more information including specs on all Mercury fourstroke outboards included in this program, see our 20 Horsepower and under page or More than 20 HP


*Engines purchased as part of a boat package are excluded from this promotion. All Mercury Racing, Government, donations as well as engines sold for commercial, camp or resort applications, guide & outfitter registrations, CPO, SportJet Pumps and sales/registrations outside the United States. Also excludes any non-U.S. resident, or address outside of the U.S. 2-Stroke engines are excluded. Units have to be manufactured in current calendar year and 4 immediately preceding years. Excludes sales from non-authorized dealers.  Engines on the Angling or Sponsorship program do not qualify.

A Prop is Not Just a Prop | 5 Reasons You Should Own a Mercury Prop

Benefits of Owning a Mercury Prop

Bravo three propWhen you're thinking of spending your hard earned money on a new propeller you may ask yourself, why should I spend it on a Mercury prop vs a cheaper after market prop?  A prop is not just a prop! Here are 5 good reasons you should own a Mercury prop:

  1. Over 160 years of prop design experience. Mercury's props are years ahead of the competition. They've been doing it longer, learning along the way and constantly re-engineering and improving.
  2. Proprietary technologies. Mercury has patented several technologies, here are a few: Mercalloy®: a revolutionary aluminum alloy made from a porosity-free casting providing superior strength and ductility. X7® Alloy: 30% stronger and 4 times more durable than conventional stainless steel which enabled Mercury to design props that could not be manufactured previously. Flo-Torq® II hub system: cushions and protects your drivetrain from most impacts; sacrifices itself to save your lower unit. PVS® (performance vent system) allows you to customize your prop to match the performance of your engine.
  3. Made in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin right here in the U.S.A.! 
  4. A full one year factory warranty easily handled through one of the thousands of Mercury Marine dealers throughout the U.S.
  5. Use on most engines. Mercury's propellers can be used on a variety of engines such as Yamaha, OMC Johnson, Volvo, Evinrude, Suzuki, Honda or Tohatsu by purchasing a hub adapter kit (see our handy chart)

Mercury offers a wide variety of stainless and aluminum propellers for every boater. Aluminum props are made from Mercury's patented Mercalloy® for better performance and durability. If you are concerned with performance, durability, top speed and "getting out of the hole" choose a stainless prop. Stainless props can withstand impacts that would destroy your aluminum prop. One stainless prop could last as long as multiple aluminum props, making the price of a stainless prop more cost effective.  To browse the complete selection of Mercury props at discounted prices, see our prop page. 



Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning

BAM Marine | Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning


Did you know that BAM Marine, the parent company of, offers ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning?

What's so great about fuel injector cleaning? 

Additives and foreign matter can easily sneak into your fuel supply. The injectors can eventually become clogged or even plugged by the additives and foreign matter in your fuel supply.  The ethanol in the new fuel blends makes this problem even worse.

Todays marine and automotive engines use sophisticated fuel injection to improve performance, reliability and economy. Ultrasonic cleaning and testing will help maintain the benefits of fuel injection that you have paid for. 

What is the process?

The process starts with our technicians visually inspecting, cleaning and numbering your injectors. They are then placed on our digital flow tester and checked for resistance and shorts. 

Once the electrical test is done, the injectors are pressurized and checked for leaks. The next step is a visual test for spray pattern and the measurement of flow at various RPM and pulse width. 

After the first round of tests, the injectors are placed in an ultrasonic cleaner with a special heated solution. They are still hooked up to the electronics in the tester and fired repeatedly for 45 minutes. This loosens varnish and deposits that have accumulated in preparation for the reverse flush.

Next, the injector is pressurized in (reverse this time) and fired. This flushes out all the junk that was loosened up in the cleaning step!

Lastly, the o-rings and filter screens are replaced and the injector is tested again. All tests are documented both before and after. The documentation is really helpful when you are troubleshooting an engine problem.

The injectors are returned to you clean and ready to go. The difference in engine performance can be amazing!

 Download a work order now