What is SmartCraft?
We commonly get questions about Mercury's SmartCraft®. What exactly is SmartCraft®? SmartCraft® is Mercury Marines proprietary "engine language". Think of it as speaking a foreign language. That’s why you buy “translators” like the Mercury Gateway which translates this language into the universal NMEA 2000 language used on vessels all over the world.
New Look for Mercury Analog Gauges
Refreshed Mercury & Quicksilver Analog Gauges May 2023 - Mercury Marine announced that they will be updating their Mercury & Quicksilver analog gauges. The new refreshed gauges feature improved lighting, red backlighting for Mercury Marine gauges and blue backlighting for Quicksilver gauges. The newly designed diffuser rings distribute soft, even light across the face to improve visibility at night and improve readability in daylight.
How do I find the right serpentine belt?
One of the most common questions we get is: How do I know which serpentine belt fits my engine? Well luckily we have the complete Mercruiser parts diagram lookup right on our site to make it very simple. Step 1. Make sure you're on the page for your engine by using our serial number lookup. Simply type in your serial number at the top right of our site in the "Search by serial number" box.
E15 Fuel Damage to Marine Engines
Don’t let E15 fuel damage your marine engine this summer! Summer 2022! Be extra careful in preparing your boat for outings on the water. A change in fuel availability could pose a risk to your boat’s engine and its warranty, so make sure you are checking ethanol-content labels at the gas pump. E15 gasoline blend is usually restricted from sale during the summer. However, this year it will be available all year long at gas pumps across the U.S. for the first time in more than 10 years.
V12 600 HP Verado Outboard Unveiled
Mercury Marine is proud to announce the revolutionary new V12 Verado with an impressive 600 horsepower! The 7.6L Verado Outboard is the most powerful and most advanced outboard on the market. Mercury Marine has implemented game changers like the steerable gearcase and 2 speed automatic transmission for the ultimate outboard driving experience. Read more about the V12 Verado here...
What are Link Gauges?
Mercury Marine often refers to "Link Gauges" or "System Link Gauges". What does this mean? System Link Gauges are digital gauges but look like analog gauges. They are usually driven to through a main gauge but in some cases can be used as standalone gauges by using a Link gauge adapter harness.
Where is my serial number?
One of the most commonly asked questions is "where can I find my engine serial number?". Well that depends. If you have an older model Mercruiser STERNDRIVE or INBOARD Engine, most likely it will be on a little tag on the block near the starter.
Quicksilver vs Mercury What's the Dif?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, what's the difference between Quicksilver and Mercury? In a nutshell, nothing.


Quicksilver has been around since 1950. Consumers consider it one of the most trusted brands in the markets we serve. Quicksilver has earned a loyal following by providing the highest quality products for more than 60 years. Quicksilver is the premier supplier of Mercury Marine Original Equipment replacement parts and accessories. The two brands share the same DNA, and same brand promise.  The main difference between the two brands is where they are sold and the larger breadth of products available under the Quicksilver brand. Mercury products are sold only by Mercury Marine dealerships. Quicksilver products are available in retail stores, independent marine dealerships, powersports dealerships and local convenience stores – just about everywhere marine and powersports parts, accessories and engine care products are found. Quicksilver offers 40,000+ parts across 12 product lines, and their products can be found throughout the world.

According to Mercury Marine, no aftermarket company comes close to the level of research and design as Quicksilver products. And no other company tests their products like Quicksilver, either. Literally, millions of hours have been spent on fired-engine testing and analysis. Quality and integrity are paramount. Buying Quicksilver is buying performance, protection, and peace of mind.  

Quicksilver Gear Lube for Sale

So, it comes down to a matter of personal preference, availability and price for the consumer. We carry both products on our site at discounted prices. Be aware though that Mercury Marine sells many of their parts in Quicksilver packaging so as a dealer, we have no choice on how it's packaged. If you'll look closely at the bottom of every package it usually says: "Products of Mercury Marine™, Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1939". For example, this key  has one part number only and can only be ordered with this part number which comes in "Quicksilver" packaging. It's a Mercury key with a Mercury part number, totally OEM. You can't order it any other way. There is no other version/packaging. 

It's not the Quicksilver oil in the photo above where you can buy the same thing with a Mercury label on it (exact same product).
Yes we know, totally confusing.     




New Mercury 225 HP V6 FourStroke Outboard Delivers
BAM Marine was one of the lucky dealers to be invited to the preview and product training session on Mercury's unveiling of the new 175, 200 and 225 HP fourstroke V6 outboard motor held on February 14th, at the Doubletree Biscayne hotel in Miami.
Some Racing Props Soon No Longer Available

Mercury Racing Propeller Numbers to be Discontinued

Mercury Racing has released a list of racing propeller part numbers that will soon be NLA (no longer available). 

Mercury Racing has introduced several new propeller models that have seen unprecedented demand such as the new Bravo One derivatives, the Revolution 4 XPMAX 5 and CNC Cleaver props. In order to keep up with demand they must eliminate part numbers and propeller families where demand has declined due to product changes in the marketplace and/or migration to other propeller models. 

The props that will not be made anymore are here. They will stop production of these racing propellers on December 15th, 2017. If you would like to order any of these props, please order before December 8th to ensure you get the prop you need. Shop for propellers at discounted prices here.