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My Part Number Doesn't Match My Mercury Part

Why Doesn’t the Mercury Part Number Match? 


We constantly get calls from our customers asking to order a part using a number stamped on the actual item. We also receive calls from people who are confused because the number on the Mercury part is different from the part number they received after they ordered from our site.

So read on as we explain why the number on the part isn’t the same as the number used to order the part.

Pretend we are working in a manufacturing facility and are putting together a switch. In this example there are 3 components that go together to make one final piece. The final part number is going to be 123456A1.

There is some wire, an outer plastic piece and a clip. The outer plastic piece has a number stamped on it: 123456. The other 2 pieces don’t have any numbers on them at all. You assemble these pieces and create your switch. You then send it over to be packaged. The packaging department has more “pieces” to go with the assembled component. Maybe they add an instruction sheet, a plastic bag and put it in a box. They then put a final part number on the box: 123456A1. So in this case the manufacturer is providing to you, its customer; a complete assembled switch in a box with instructions.  So, when you pull out your old part and it is stamped 123456, it’s not going to match the number used to place the order. It may be similar – but it is not the actual complete number used to order the part.

The best way to order parts is by using the serial number from your engine, drive, etc. Mercury frequently changes (supersedes) part numbers in their system, so the old number you ordered may not be available anymore.  Many of the new part numbers include changes and improvements so your new replacement part may not look like the old one. It may also require a slight modification to how you install it. If included be sure to read the enclosed instructions!  

We've made it as easy as possible for you with our serial number lookup! Just input your number and click on your engine, drive, etc. and you'll have a complete diagram of the correct parts so you don't waste money guessing. 

As always, we are here for our customers via email