SmartCraft Connect

SmartCraft Connect® for Raymarine®, Garmin® and Simrad NSX® Multifunction Displays

SmartCraft Connect RayMarine


The Mercury SmartCraft Connect is designed for use with Raymarine®, Garmin® and Simrad NSX® Multifunction Displays (MFD's)

You can now display your Mercury/Mercruiser SmartCraft engine data on your Garmin®, Raymarine®, Simrad® NSX MFD, as well as the new electric Avatar outboard. You can do this alongside your GPS and sonar on one screen using SmartCraft Connect. 

VesselView is a boat information center from Mercury Marine that displays engine data. You can display this data on certain Garmin, Raymarine, or Simrad NSX screens. This system offers a lot of useful information. So now you can get alerts and keep track of engine measurements that may stray away from the norm, right on your MFD. SmartCraft Connect simplifies tracking of rpm, fuel flow, speed, temperature, and trim and more on your chosen display. Is your engine SmartCraft Compatible? Visit our Mercury SmartCraft compatibility page here.

This device enables you to DISPLAY information only on your Garmin® or RayMarine® multi-function display. 

The SmartCraft Connect® is Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connected for fast and easy updating. One device works simultaneously monitor up to 4 SmartCraft engines on NMEA compatible displays. Use the SmartCraft Manager app to perform over-the-air software updates. This device has an easy plug and play set-up. Download the app and follow the prompts to input your engine data and you'll be set. 

4 Different SmartCraft Connect units are available:

SmartCraft Connect Kit 1 Under Helm 8M0173694
SmartCraft Connect Kit 1 Under Cowl/Direct to Engine 8M0173704
SmartCraft Connect Kit 2 Under Helm 8M0173696
SmartCraft Connect Kit 3-4 Under Helm 8M0173703






SmartCraft Compatible Displays:

SmartCraft Connect is compatible with Garmin, Raymarine and Simrad NSX units capable of running the latest operating software. Popular models include: 

Garmin® - ECHOMAP™ Ultra, ECHOMAP UHD* and GPSMAP® series multi-function displays (MFDs) including GPSMap 8400/8600 series (10"- 24"), GPSMap 8700 Black Box, GPSMap 7x3/9x3/12x3, GPSMap 10x2/12x2 (Keyed), GPSMap 7x2/9x2/12x2, GPSMap 7x2/9x2/12x2 Plus, Echomap Ultra (10"/12"), Echomap UHD (7"/9")

Raymarine® - Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro, and Axiom XL displays with the latest LightHouse 3 OS update (3.14 or higher). Visit Raymarines site here for information on interfacing marine engines with the SmartCraft Connect.

Simrad® - NEW August 2023 - Compatible with Simrad NSX series displays. According to the Simrad®, when using the SmartCraft Connect you'll have:

- Engine data displayed using Mercury Full Page GUI (ie. VesselView® Engine Data Presentation)
- Support for Fault Codes and Proprietary Diagnostics
- Control bar for access to Cruise Control, Troll Control, Sport Exhaust, ActiveTrim and AutoPilot functions (SkyHook Digital Anchor, DriftHook, BowHook)
- Helm transfer capability
- Joystick support
- V10 and V12 support

Refer to Garmin®Raymarine® and Simrad® websites for an updated list of compatible display models. Below is a chart of compatible displays and product lines as of August 2023. 

Compatible MFD Product Lines Simrad® Lowrance®   Garmin®  Raymarine®  Simrad®
  GO Series  Hook Reveal   GPSMAP® 8400/8600 series All chartplotters running LightHouse NSX Series 4.1 onward NSX Series
  NSSevo35 Elite FS   7x3/9x3/12x3 series    
  NSOevo3S HDS Live   ECHOMAP Ultra/UHD series    
Engine Support 6 6   4 4 4
VesselView User Interface x x   x x x
Engine Data x x   x x x
Fault Code Notifications x x   x x x
Software Update x x   x x x
Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi®       x x x
Fuel Tank Level x x   x x x
Active Trim x x     x x
Cruise Control x x   x x x
Troll Control x x   x x x
Sport Exhaust x x   x x x
Autopilot Heading x x   x x x
Skyhook® x x   x x x
Bowhook x x       x
Drifthook x x       x
Engine Fluid Levels V12/V10/V8/V6 x x   x x  
Smart Tow® (DTS) x x        
Maintenance Reminders x x        
Steering Angle x x   x x  


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Mercury Mercruiser 98-8M0173704 SmartCraft Connect Single Engine Under Cowl Kit

$721.77 $679.36

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0173694 SmartCraft Connect Single Engine Under Helm Kit

$721.77 $677.17

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0173696 SmartCraft Connect Dual Engine Under Helm Kit

$1,354.47 $1,203.70

Mercury-Mercruiser 98-8M0173703 SmartCraft Connect Triple Quad Engine Under Helm Kit

$1,692.22 $1,551.15