SC1000 - SC100 Family Glass Lens | Grey Face Gauges

SmartCraft Digital Grey Face Glass Lens Gauges 

The SC1000 and SC100 digital gauges are the marine industry’s most advanced glass lens gauges, offering essential vessel information in plain, descriptive text. Accurate digital information on a clean, easy-to-read dial with grey face and enhanced scratch resisistance and worry-free care. Mercury SmartCraft® gauges deliver instant, reliable information at a glance, providing total awareness and comfort while on the water. Product line includes a full complement of SC100 link gauges. SmartTow standard on all SC1000 speedos and tachs. 

SC1000 "System" Gauges are the digital tachs and speedos with a blue back and are 85 mm. BEZELS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

SC100 Gauges (Link) SC100 Link Gauges come in 52, 85 or 110 mm and can be connected to a SC1000 System Tach, a MercMonitor or System Monitor. SC100 System Link digital  gauges allow you to monitor vital engine and boat functions with digital accuracy. Furnished with a fog resistant lens, these gauges can be "daisy chain" interfaced between other SmartCraft products using a plug‑in connection. BEZELS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. 


  • Optimized anti-fog coating
  • Enhanced scratch resistance and worry-free care
  • Cutting edge design and style
  • Easy to install
  • MIL Light compatible

Available Controls/Features: 

  • Troll Control™
  • Fuel to Waypoint
  • Engine Synchronizer
  • Trim Synchronizer
  • Steering Angle
  • GPS Speed
  • GPS Course & Speed
  • Speed Sensor Fault
  • Low-Oil-Level Warning (OB)
  • Water in Fuel Fault§ 
  • Auto Speed Sensor Transition
  • Air/Sea Temp
  • Digital Speed
  • Oil Level
  • Fuel Level
  • RPM
  • Low-Fuel Warning
  • Time of Day
  • Boat Speed
  • Low Depth Warning
  • Horn Fault
  • Ignition Fault
  • Injector Fault
  • Oil System Fault
  • Reserve Oil (OB)
  • Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Engine Alarms
  • Oil Temp
  • Oil Pressure
  • Battery Voltage
  • Depth
  • Water Pressure
  • Coolant Temp
  • Engine Hours
  • Coolant Pressure
  • Trim Pop-Up
  • Engine Trim
  • Fuel Used
  • Fuel Flow
  • Fuel Range
  • System Link Gauge Connection
  • SmartTow** 

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Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0135644 TACH KIT 4K GREY

$507.90 $468.10

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0135645 Tach Kit Gray 7000 RPM

$510.42 $470.42

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0135649 TACH7K/SPD DUAL

79-8M0135649 TACH7K/SPD DUAL has been superceded to a new part number.
The newest part number is 8M0185906
-click here- to see the newest superceded part
Please note the new superceded part is a functional replacement and may look differant from the original part

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065980 SPEED-80 MPH GRAY

$154.33 $145.34

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065981 TACH 7K GRAY

$154.33 $145.34

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065983 TACH 7K GRY-110MM

$272.11 $256.23

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0069460 TACH 6K GRAY

$154.33 $145.34

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0069461 TACH 8K GRAY

$154.33 $145.34

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0135651 SmartCraft Speedometer 50 MPH Grey

$568.66 $524.07

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065962 SmartCraft Gauge Coolant Temp Grey

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065963 GAUGE-VOLTAGE GRY

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065970 SmartCraft Fuel Level Gauge Grey

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065971 GAUG-FUEL LVL GRY

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065972 GAUG-WATR LVL GRY

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065974 GAUG-OIL PRSR GRY

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065975 Trim Gauge Grey

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065976 GAUG-WTR PRSR GRY

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065977 Rudder Angle Gauge Gray

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065978 GAUG-OIL TEMP GRY

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0065985 4-IN-1 GAUGE-GRAY 12V

$326.09 $307.09