SC1000 - SC100 Family Glass Lens | Black Face Gauges

SmartCraft SC1000 & SC100 Digital Black Face Glass Lens Gauges 

The marine industry’s most advanced glass lens gauges, offering essential vessel information in plain, descriptive text. Accurate digital information on a clean, easy-to-read dial with black face and enhanced scratch resisistance and worry-free care. Mercury SmartCraft® digital gauges deliver instant, reliable information at a glance, providing total awareness and comfort while on the water. Product line includes a full complement of SC100 link gauges. SmartTow standard on all SC1000 speedos and tachs. 

SC1000 "System" Gauges are the digital tachs and speedos with a blue back and are 85 mm. BEZELS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

SC100 Gauges (Link) SC100 Link Gauges come in 52, 85 or 110 mm and can be connected to a SC1000 System Tach, a MercMonitor or System Monitor. SC100 System Link digital  gauges allow you to monitor vital engine and boat functions with digital accuracy. Furnished with a fog resistant lens, these gauges can be "daisy chain" interfaced between other SmartCraft products using a plug‑in connection. BEZELS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. 


  • Optimized anti-fog coating
  • Enhanced scratch resistance and worry-free care
  • Cutting-edge design and style
  • Easy to install
  • MIL Light compatible

    Available Controls/Features: 
    • Troll Control™
    • Fuel to Waypoint
    • Engine Synchronizer
    • Trim Synchronizer
    • Steering Angle
    • GPS Speed
    • GPS Course & Speed
    • Speed Sensor Fault
    • Low-Oil-Level Warning (OB)
    • Water in Fuel Fault§ 
    • Auto Speed Sensor Transition
    • Air/Sea Temp
    • Digital Speed
    • Oil Level
    • Fuel Level
    • RPM
    • Low-Fuel Warning
    • Time of Day
    • Boat Speed
    • Low Depth Warning
    • Horn Fault
    • Ignition Fault
    • Injector Fault
    • Oil System Fault
    • Reserve Oil (OB)
    • Dot Matrix LCD Display
    • Engine Alarms
    • Oil Temp
    • Oil Pressure
    • Battery Voltage
    • Depth
    • Water Pressure
    • Coolant Temp
    • Engine Hours
    • Coolant Pressure
    • Trim Pop-Up
    • Engine Trim
    • Fuel Used
    • Fuel Flow
    • Fuel Range
    • System Link Gauge Connection
    • SmartTow** 

 **DTS or mechanical 6.2L required
§ Not available on MerCruiser

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Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0079913 SmartCraft Speedometer 50 MPH Black No Logo

$582.86 $537.19

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0135629 Speedometer 50 MPH Blk

$491.75 $443.32

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0135630 Tachometer Kit 4K Black

$507.90 $468.10

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0135631 Speedometer 80 MPH Black

$582.85 $537.19

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0135632 TACH/SPD BLK DUAL

79-8M0135632 TACH/SPD BLK DUAL has been superceded to a new part number.
The newest part number is 8M0185893
-click here- to see the newest superceded part
Please note the new superceded part is a functional replacement and may look differant from the original part

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0135657 SmartCraft Tachometer 5K No Logo

$507.90 $468.10

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0185894 Tach/Speedo Kit 80 MPH,7K Black

$730.53 $687.30

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0135641 Tach Kit Black Face 7000 RPM

$510.42 $470.42

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0135656 Tachometer Kit Black 4000 RPM

$507.90 $468.10

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0069437 SmartCraft 12V 4 IN 1 Gauge Temp, Pressure

$326.09 $307.09

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052842 SmartCraft Coolant Temperature Gauge Black

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052843 SmartCraft Voltage Gauge Black 12 V

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052844 SmartCraft Fuel Level Gauge Black

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052845 SmartCraft Fuel Level II Gauge Black

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052846 Smartcraft Water Level Gauge Black

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052847 Smartcraft Waste Level Gauge Black

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052848 SmartCraft Oil Pressure Gauge 0-100 PSI

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052850 SmartCraft Water Pressure Gauge Black

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052851 SmartCraft Rudder Angle Gauge

$116.51 $109.73

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0052852 Smartcraft Oil Level Gauge Black

$116.51 $109.73