MercMonitor fits in a standard SmartCraft SC1000 gauge 85 mm hole and provides constant coverage of temperature, oil level, oil pressure, water pressure, fuel level, battery voltage and major engine systems. This gauge easily switches among the modes of RPM, fuel range in miles and kilometers, fuel flow in gallons and liters, water depth (with use of SmartCraft transducer), engine trim and engine hours.

All MercMonitor products come with ECO Screen Standard. NMEA 2000 Gateway functionality comes in three different levels depending on the amount of data you want to transmit to the NMEA 2000 network. This product also comes in Smart Tow Versions, for use with Gen I (2007) and newer DTS engines. 

The MercMonitor will display one engine only, regardless of the level.

The MercMonitor can be used as a NMEA 2000 gateway and has connections to provide data to additional Mercury System Link gauges. 

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Mercury SmartCraft 79-8M0135536 Mercmonitor NMEA 2000 Base Lvl 1 Kit

$839.32 $773.50

Mercury SmartCraft 79-8M0135617 MercMonitor NMEA 2000 SmartTow RPM Lvl 2 Kit

$944.99 $889.05

Mercury SmartCraft 79-8M0135619 MercMonitor NMEA 2000 SmartTow Gateway Premier Lvl 3 Kit

$1,284.80 $1,177.79

Mercury-Mercruiser 79-8M0119406 SmartCraft MercMonitor No NMEA 2000

$597.02 $550.20