Bravo Transom Gimbal Assemblies

New Mercruiser Bravo Transom Gimbal Asemblies

new Bravo transom gimbal housing

We have all Bravo Transom assemblies offered by Mercury Marine and Mercury Racing here at discounted prices. Transoms are commonly referred to as "Gimbals" or "Gimbal Housings". The transom doesn't get all the attention like the drive, but is basically the most important piece of the engine/drive package. The transom seals water from outside of the boat. The transom delivers the cooling water, controls steering, manages exhaust, serves as the primary engine mount, manages the trim system, and delivers MerCathode corrosion protection. Taking care of this vital piece of equipment will save you time and money! 

Browse all of the Mercury inventory below whether it's gas or diesel. These OEM Mercruiser transoms fit Bravo 1, Bravo 2 and Bravo 3 drives including XR and X drives. Some are available with SeaCore corrosion protection

Bravo transoms include the inner transom plate, bell housing, complete outer housing assembly, trim cylinders, hoses and shift cables ready to mount. 

Transom assemblies are specific to your engine so please contact us with your engine and/or drive and existing transom serial number before ordering if you are unsure of the correct part number.  Please see our transom seal repair kits page for handy repair kits. 

Most transoms can shipped or picked up from our warehouse in Pompano Beach, Florida within one day. 


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Mercury-Mercruiser 6-6311002NZ Bravo Magnum Transom Assembly

$3,743.75 $0.00

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-62000025P Bravo Magnum Transom Assembly

$3,743.75 $3,534.11

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-62000005P Bravo SmartCraft Magnum Transom Diesel Ready

$4,678.55 $4,350.99

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-62000006P Bravo SmartCraft Magnum Transom SeaCore

$5,171.45 $4,809.49

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-620000071 Bravo HP Transom with Digital 3 Wire Sender

$3,743.50 $3,695.00

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-62000010P Bravo Digital Transom

$4,678.55 $4,350.99

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-62000012P Bravo Digital Magnum Seacore Transom

$5,371.45 $4,995.49

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-6315002TP Bravo Smartcraft Transom Assy 496

$4,678.55 $4,350.99

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-6345002TP Bravo Transom Seacore Axius

$5,650.00 $5,254.49

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-641600B Bravo Transom Gimbal Assembly Diesel or Gas

$3,743.75 $3,199.00

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-6511002NZ Bravo Heavy Duty HP Transom Assembly

$4,718.74 $4,324.47

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-6911002TP Bravo Magnum Seacore Transom Assembly

$5,371.45 $4,995.49