Bravo XR & Sportmaster Drives

Mercury Racing Bravo XR & Sportmaster Drives

The drives on this page are intended for single, twin and triple applications with engines that deliver up to 600 HP. The Mercury Racing Bravo One XR is designed for high-performance applications. The XR drive features a dual-water pickup case, heavy-duty propshaft and hub and a billet aluminum bearing carrier. The Mercury Racing XR Sportmaster® drive was designed for boats capable of speeds in excess of 90 mph. The Sportmaster® lower has a larger torpedo, enhancing drive control and stability at higher speeds. The Sportmaster® gearcase is available in standard or short. 


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Bravo 1 XR Sterndrive

Bravo 3 XR Sterndrive

Bravo 1 XR Diesel Sterndrive

Bravo 2 XR Diesel Sterndrive

Bravo 3 XR Diesel Sterndrive

Bravo 1 XR Integrated (ITS) Sterndrive

Bravo 3 XR Integrated (ITS) Sterndrive

Bravo 1 XR Sportmaster Sterndrive

Bravo XR Integrated (ITS) Sportmaster Sterndrive

Mercury-Mercruiser 6521002LH ITS Transom Assembly

Mercury-Mercruiser 6-6511002NZ Bravo Heavy Duty HP Transom Assembly