SeaCore Protection System

Mercruiser Seacore™ Protection System

SeaCore Corrosion Protection


The SeaCore™ Protection System from MerCruiser offers more than just improved corrosion resistance. It’s as close as a marine propulsion system can come to being corrosion-proof. Mercury Marine so strongly believes its corrosion protection is the best on the water that MerCruiser provides a standard four-year limited corrosion failure warranty.

The heart of the corrosion-resistant strength of the SeaCore System is the hardcoat anodizing of the drive alloy. This process actually changes the molecular structure of the XK-360 aluminium alloy, creating a shield against the ravages of galvanic corrosion. Hardcoat anodizing is also more abrasion resistant than case-hardened steel, but if the drive is scratched, the anodizing slows the destructive growth of corrosion through the drive surface.

The SeaCore System also provides corrosion protection for the engine with features like closed-cooling and a 316 stainless steel package.

In a two-year test period in a normal saltwater environment, SeaCore hardcoat-anodized units were 25 times more corrosion-resistant.

Mercruiser Sterndrive Seacore Corrosion protection features:

XK360 - a low copper, high strength aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance.

Ultra-Pure Aluminum Anodes or Magnesium Anode Kit

MercFusion Paint System - Irridite, EDP & Powder Paint which creates a tough, durable corrosion resistant barrier

MerCathode® - Active corrosion prevention

Integrated Freshwater Flush - Preventive corrosion protection

2 Anti-Cavitation Plate Anodes 

Propshaft Anode 

Stainless Steel Bearing Carrier (Bravo Three)

Closed Cooling System - Seals out saltwater from the block

SeaCore Hard Anodising & Sealing Treatment - More abrasion-resistant to reduce galvanic corrosion. Mercury's hard anodizing process grows a hard, abrasion resistant aluminum oxide coating from the aluminum itself (instead of simply depositing a coating on the surface).

FOUR YEAR Limited Corrosion Failure Warranty when purchased as part of a complete engine package.