DTS Sterndrive, Inboard & Outboard Controls

Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) Controls for Mercruiser Sterndrive, Inboard and Outboard Motors

Browse the complete line of Mercury Marine digital throttle and shift (DTS) controls along with accessories here and order at a discount online.

Electronic controls here are only for engines equipped with DTS (digital throttle and shift) and come in panel mount (flush) or console mount. The Next Generation (Gen II) controls were released in 2021. They can be retrofitted with most older installs (2007 and newer) by adding new harnessing. The Next Gen or Gen 2 controls have the command module built into the control, creating a neater dash.

If you are unsure whether you have DTS or not, please email us your engine serial number by using the Contact Us tab below and we will find out. Please make sure to read the descriptions to ensure proper fit. Email us with any questions!

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Mercury-Mercruiser 877775A15 DTS Remote Control Triple Engine Chrome Shadow Mode

$1,754.54 $1,608.44

Mercury-Mercruiser 889231A01 DTS Yacht Control Dual Engine

$1,727.45 $1,583.60

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0079286 DTS Remote Control Dual Engine No Trim

$1,637.71 $1,531.90

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0079290 DTS ERC Control Single Eng Console No Trim

$1,199.04 $1,099.18

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0079291 DTS ERC Slim Console Control Single Trim

$1,257.76 $1,153.02

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0096751 Electronic Remote Control Dual Engine DTS Console w Trim

$1,808.90 $1,692.02

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0096752 DTS Console Remote Control Triple w Trim 2007 and Up

$2,295.33 $2,147.02

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0096753 DTS Console Quad w Trim ERC

$2,379.22 $2,225.49

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0133237 DTS Panel Mount ERC Control Single Helm

$823.11 $774.39

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0163917 Single Engine DTS ERC Control w Trim

$1,028.40 $961.96

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0166583 Single Engine DTS ERC Control No Trim

$1,294.92 $1,187.08

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0166584 Panel Mount Single Helm DTS ERC Control ES

$1,328.52 $1,217.89