DTS Rigging Kits 2007 and Up

DTS Rigging Kits 2007 Model Year and Up

The DTS (Digital Throttle and Shift) complete master rigging kits listed in this section are for 2007 DTS engines and newer. These kits contain the DTS controls (ERC),command modules, junction boxes and more. See specific product for details. 

The DTS kits for pre 2007 engines can be found in our DTS Command Module Kits section here.

The throttle and shift functions on a boat are critical safety components. Mercury Marine validated the design and manufacture of the various SmartCraft and DTS accessories sold by Mercury Marine through an extensive product qualification testing protocol. Each of the Mercury Marine accessories for these systems has passed through that qualification process. Mercury Marine strongly recommends that its boat builders and dealers use only Mercury Marine Smartcraft and DTS accessories. 

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