Sterndrive & Inboard Impeller Repair Kits

Save money and time with convenient OEM water pump impeller kits for your Mercruiser sterndrive or inboard engine. Keep your sea water pump running smoothly and prevent overheating with a new impeller.

Kits listed here are for Bravo, Alpha, MC-I, MR and Vazer outdrives along with various sterndrive and inboard engines including 4.5L and 6.2L engines. Order online for discounted pricing. 

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Mercury-Mercruiser 47-59362A4 Impeller Kit Water Pump

$61.58 $59.24

Mercury-Mercruiser 47-59362Q08 Sea Water Pump Impeller Repair Kit

$104.34 $97.58

Mercury-Mercruiser 47-59362T6 Sea Water Pump Impeller Repair Kit 1 Pc Body

$62.67 $60.28

Mercury-Mercruiser 47-8M0100527 Water Impeller Repair Kit

$64.25 $61.80

Mercury-Mercruiser 47-8M0104229 Seawater Pump Impeller Kit

$50.33 $48.42

Mercury-Mercruiser 47-8M0137219 Heavy Duty Sea Water Pump Impeller Kit

$53.25 $51.22