Inboard & Sterndrive Engine Maintenance Kits

Mercruiser Inboard and Sterndrive Engine Service Interval Kits

inboard and sterndrive service maintenance kits from Mercury Marine

Looking for a quick, affordable way to tune up your Mercruiser engine? Find all of the genuine Mercury Marine 100 and 300 hour maintenance/service interval kits for 2.5L - 8.2L engines here. Keep your engine running smoothly for years with the proper maintenance/tune-ups and save money with these handy kits. Please read product descriptions for serial number breaks, etc. to ensure you receive the correct kit. 

You can always contact us with your Mercruiser engine serial number if you are unsure.  

Sterndrive Service Maintenance kits are here

Transom Seal Repair Kits are here

Oil Filter Oil Filter
Fuel Filter Fuel Filter
Gearcase Drain Plug Seals Gearcase Drain Plug Seals
  Spark Plugs
  Thermostat & Gasket/Seal
  PCV Valve (where applicable)
  IAC Filter (where applicable)
  Seawater Pump Impeller Kit (Bravo applications)


Mercruiser Engine 100 Hour Service Maintenance Kits Part Numbers
8M0147048  2.5L & 3.0L Carb Engines 1987 and newer
8M0147049  3.0L MPI
8M0147050  4.3L Carb w/o remote oil 1993 and newer
8M0147051  All GM V6 & V8 with spin-on fuel filter (except V6 w/o remote oil) 1977 and newer
8M0147052 4.5L & 6.2L (Mercury) 2014 and newer
8M0147053  All GM V8 MPI w/Gen III cool fuel 2002 and newer
Mercruiser Engine 300 Hour Service Maintenance Kits Part Numbers
8M0147061  3.0L Carb RWC (standard cooling) 2000 and newer
8M0147062  3.0L MPI RWC (standard cooling) 2008 and newer
8M0147063  4.3L Carb Alpha RWC (standard cooling) w/o remote oil 1996 and newer
8M0147064   4.3L MPI Alpha RWC (standard cooling) 2002 and newer
8M0147065 4.3L MPI Bravo RWC (standard cooling) 2002 and newer
8M0147066  4.5L MPI Alpha RWC (standard cooling) 2014 and newer
8M0147067  4.5L MPI Bravo RWC (standard cooling) 2014 and newer
8M0147068  5.0L/5.7L (350) MPI Alpha RWC (standard cooling) 2002 and newer
8M0147069  5.0L/5.7L (350)/6.2L MPI Bravo RWC (standard cooling) GM 2002 and newer
8M0147070 6.2L MPI RWC (standard cooling) Mercury 2015 and newer
8M0147071  8.2L MPI 2010 and newer
RWC = Raw water/Seawater/standard Cooling  

Sterndrive repair kits can be found here

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Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0147048 Service Kit 100 Hour 2.5L & 3.0L Carb

$41.58 $40.84

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0147049 Service Kit 100 Hour 3.0L MPI

$46.58 $45.75

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0147050 Serv Kit 100 Hr 4.3L Carb w/o Remote Oil

$41.58 $40.84

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0147051 Service Kit 100 Hour GM V6 & V8 Alpha Engine

$38.25 $37.56

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0147052 Serv Kit 100 Hour 4.5L & 6.2L

$86.92 $83.60

Mercury-Mercruiser 8M0147053 Service Kit 100 Hour GM V8 MPI 2002+

$100.42 $94.57