Sterndrive & Inboard Flushing Attachments

These sterndrive and inboard flushing attachments allow you to hook-up fresh water to your engine or drive while running at idle or without running for flushing of the block. Please read the descriptions carefully to determine the correct flushing kit. Please email us with your serial number if you are unsure which kit is appropriate. 

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Mercury Mercruiser 44357T2 Flushing Attachment Kit

$44.75 $43.95

Mercury Mercruiser 881150Q1 Dual Water Pickup Flush Seal Kit

$54.67 $52.58

Mercury Racing 848703A1 Flushing Attachment CLE Gearcases

$38.22 $37.68

Mercury-Mercruiser 22-861932A1 FLUSH KIT

$251.83 $237.16

Mercury-Mercruiser 44357Q2 Flushing Attachment

$44.75 $43.95

Mercury-Mercruiser 843122T01 Flushing Attachment Kit

$191.04 $182.56