Bravo 4 S Propellers

Bravo Four S Stainless Steel Propellers

The Bravo Four S propeller was made specifically for the Bravo Four S Forward Facing Drive used in tow sports such as wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Mercury Marine went back to the drawing board to craft 5 new prop sets specifically for the Bravo Four S sterndrive. These propellers were designed to run in a dual contrarotating configuration with the 4 blade in the front and the 3 blade in the rear, reducing cavitation to reduce noise and increase efficiency. These new stainless props deliver exceptional perfomance and reliability when used in the demanding Bravo Four S application.  Like all Mercury props, these newly crafted models are extremely durable for long-lasting performance. 

Use in matched pitch sets only. The Bravo 4 S props are all sold individually. 

Use with hardware (sold separately):

8M0173364 Nose Cone
8M0173363 Nose Cone Fastener
805100       Thrust Washer
805101T     Thrust Washer
862907       Prop Nut
8M0105210 Prop Nut


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Mercury-Mercruiser 48-8M0167001 Bravo 4 S 19.5 P LH Front 4 Blade Propeller

$1,283.61 $1,141.69

Mercury-Mercruiser 48-8M0167002 BRV4S 19.5 RHR 3B

$1,283.61 $1,141.69

Mercury-Mercruiser 48-8M0167003 BRV4S 21 LHF 4B

$1,283.61 $1,141.69

Mercury-Mercruiser 48-8M0167004 BRV4S 21 RHR 3B

$1,283.61 $1,141.69

Mercury-Mercruiser 48-8M0167005 BRV4S 22.5 LHF 4B

$1,283.61 $1,141.69

Mercury-Mercruiser 48-8M0167006 BRV4S 22.5 RHR 3B

$1,283.61 $1,141.69