About Mercury Verado Outboards

Mercury Verado Outboard Motors

Brains and brawn. Mercury Marine's Verado engine has been one of their best selling, most popular outboard engines for quite some time now. Mercury has always been a leader in innovation and good at setting the bar for the rest of the industry; the Verado is proof positive.

Are you looking for peace and quiet? 

Like to save some money on fuel?

Want some excitement with real power and torque? 

Like reliability and easy servicing? 

Well then this may be the engine for you. Oh and we forgot to mention if you boat in saltwater, you'll really appreciate the superior alloy and paint that creates unrivaled corrosion protection. Every Verado comes with a 3 year limited factory corrosion warranty.

Ocean Friendly. The ultra-robust 5.44" diameter Offshore gearcase is designed and built to handle rough seas and provide extra lift for longer, heavier center-consoles and walkarounds. The Verado features not only larger, stronger gears but heavy-duty bearings and components that are 5 times stronger than those in a standard gearcase. 

Powerful. The Verado is a supercharged production outboard that handles harsh conditions with pure, all-season power. Superior acceleration and torque across the entire performance range. Hole shots to top end. All with less fuel.

Peaceful. The quiet, effortless operation of Verado comes from SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) for ultra-smooth shifting and instantaneous throttle response. Automotive-style power steering that provides precision handling. Joystick Piloting that puts you in command of your vessel like never before. Verado pairs power with refinement. 

In Control. The Verado diminishes vibration and gives you more control with the Advanced Midsection (AMS). AMS a mid-engine cradle, featuring four progressive rate mounts that isolate the powerhead and tame the Verado six-cylinder’s refined, naturally balanced inline power. Keeps vibration out of the boat. And off the steering wheel.

Durable. Low Maintenance. Enjoy your free time!  This outboard was meant to handle bigger boats and bigger water. Beefy and protected with a long bolt design, maintenance-free valve train, dual water inlets for consistent cooling and longer life. Power-loaded robustness and superior corrosion protection you only get from a Mercury® engine. 

All of this and you have the security of an American company behind you with qualified service technicians just about anywhere in the U.S.

Contact BAM Marine at 954-545-8681 for current prices and programs on Verado outboards for sale.