3.0L GM 181 I/L4 1 1998 - 0L010042 THRU 0L096999

This 3.0L parts lookup diagram page covers a range of Mercruiser engine serial numbers which are listed below. Please make sure to check the Notes column for important information and specifics.

3.0L GM 181 I/L4 0L097000 thru 0W301999   Cat. # 90-80486299 4111021N2
3.0L GM 181 I/L4 1 1998 0L010042 thru 0L096999   Cat. # 90-80987096 4111021N2
3.0LX GM 181 I/L4 1996-1997 0F604000 thru 0K999999   Cat. # 90-80987096 4111021N2

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